let it go

there's a painful memories.
that painful memories that i need to let go.
that i need to erase.
that i need to forget.
i have to.
its a pain that kills me every single time.
wherever i go it kills me.
i need a new surrounding.
somewhere that can heal me.
that can help me let go of all this painful memories.
i want to let go of that memories and people in it.
but i can't.
it hurts me. it never fail to hurt me.
there's too many pain that i need to hold.
i can't stay here because i can't stand to be hurt like this. anymore.
i know there's somewhere that i can go, someday and will wash away...
all this pain.......


i am running away.

now listening: SJ KRY - ハナミズキ

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