Me, Myself And I

can i just say that this is what exactly happen to me except for the getaway thing (and the last part)?

everything. thanks jinnyboytv. i cried watching this vid. i really can relate to it. its true that you need a getaway and find a way to lose yourself. that is why i am running away from where i am now (since i've got not enough money to go somewhere far. yet.) but later even after my 'escape', im not even sure whether i can really get over things.

why i cried? because this is what happened to me. especially the 'i miss you' part. im sorry but i just can't lie to myself right now.


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Say Something

listen. listen to my heart.


what's up?

hey. what's up with all this negative thoughts?
doesn't it suffocate you?
it does to me.
its not like you can get any good conclusion in the end
by keep on having that negative thought around you.
don't you?

yes. please give it a try.

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let it go

there's a painful memories.
that painful memories that i need to let go.
that i need to erase.
that i need to forget.
i have to.
its a pain that kills me every single time.
wherever i go it kills me.
i need a new surrounding.
somewhere that can heal me.
that can help me let go of all this painful memories.
i want to let go of that memories and people in it.
but i can't.
it hurts me. it never fail to hurt me.
there's too many pain that i need to hold.
i can't stay here because i can't stand to be hurt like this. anymore.
i know there's somewhere that i can go, someday and will wash away...
all this pain.......


i am running away.

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