semuanya sia-sia

entah apa yg nk diluahkan kali ni? hari tu decide nk update blog. but then xdak mood nk update walaupun sebenarnya byk bnda nk cerita. ini cerita taw. bkn nk burukkan org. if any of you feel that you fit well in my stories, then you are welcome to 'terasa' as much as you want. aku bkn tulis nma sspa pn dlm blog ni. unless i did then you should be thankful (sbb xpyah nk susah2 fkir aku cerita psal siapa).

this time. semuanya sia-sia. apa yg sia-sia? memories. or should i be more detail? friendship. yeah. this so called friendship. as i lived i've faced different type of friends. good and of course the bad ones. as for less than 20 years i lived, meet and be friend with people, i've never met with this kind of people. wasted the friendship that have been built for years. everything shattered. just.... like.... that.......

pernah dgar quote "always forgive but never forget"? well as for me, i forgive AND forget. setelah apa yg dah dibuat dkat aku, aku maafkan, aku lupakan. aku LUPAKAN. why? because i appreciate this so-called-friendship. aku ni innocent sgt ka? ahh. now i feel so stupid for doing everything that i've done.

as for a type of friend yg lupa membe lpas cpl ni aku dh biasa. so i dont really care about it. but i do care when it comes to someone that i didnt even expect will become like that. it is just... WOW. and another type of friend that like to bring up things from the past. shizzzzz! i really hate this kind of people for god sake! if you want to bring up the things that i've done, could you please find something REALISTIC? that is LOGIC.

look, to bring up something that is past for over a year is totally not my thing. i forget remember? and probably its my mistake to easily forget about something that happened over a year ago. yeahh so that i can point out every single thing from the past.

as my "friends" start to change, without realizing it i cried... i thought that i dont care about what happened. it is not that im saying i haven't done any wrong towards others. i know. and i'm really sorry to those that have been hurt by me. but i dont think that i can accept this kind of people to be around me. even mom said, "if its worthless, why bother?" and starting from that moment, i never care anymore.

i remembered when im still in high school. i have a fight with this girl. should i named her? lets just named her as A. i cant really remember why we fought. probably because of a guy? HAHA! thinking over back then how stupid it is. we solved it nicely and apologize to each other. but one thing that i remember is that when i fought with A, neither me or her brought up things from the past. ahh. i should thanked her isn't it?

i should have done that long time ago right? ahh. now im regretting it.

and to those who are still by my side. i will always love all of you and please, if there's something you are not satisfied with me please just tell me. please.

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