things remained unsaid.

sometimes some things should just remain unsaid. i just dont know to who else should i let all out this stuff that kept on messing around in my head. ada kalanya aku rasa mcm nk buat tak taw ja dgn apa yg aku pendam ni. tapi sakit wehh. kita pendam sorg2 ni mmg sakit. i just need one person to sit in front of me and listen carefully to what i've kept inside. its okay if he/she didnt know what to say or advice me. by lending me his/her ears is a big honor for me.

can i just tell all of this stuff to some stranger that didnt even know who is the person involved? im at a total lost right now. i dont know what to think. what to decide. what to write. this is the first time im feeling this way. im facing this problem. ARGHHHHHH! mmg rasa nk punching bag sekarang ni. im being serious. there's no more point to cry over something that i cant fix / i dont wanna fix. yes. im telling the truth. i dont wanna fix it.

my mental is breaking down sooooooo badly. im living my life with music now. so that i wont hear anything and so that i dont have to care about the surroundings. i shouldnt give a fck when no one cares about me isnt it? im tired of thinking about others. i know people might think that i never think of others. well. no one knows what i have been thinking for all this time. im sick of all this dramas! fck off! gila bab*. susah aku nk maki. haaaa...

being called as a fake person is the painful thing ever. im done.

p/s : thanks google for the pictures.

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