hihi. byebye.

"do you ever feel like running away? just suddenly leaving. no note, no warning. just getting your shi*t, and leaving." -unknown.

surely most of you have read this from somewhere right? yeahh. honestly i've felt this for quite some times. with no note or whatever just feel like running away from your normal life. and now i am trying to run away from social network where i've deactivated my facebook and twitter acc.

you know what else that i want to do? uninstall whatsapp application. wechat. line. or even just change my number so that nobody will find me (unless my family of course). pernah jgak smpai terfikir xnk pkai phone lgsg. well i can actually live without my phone since i have laptop and wifi. what a happy life. eheheh. tgk phone masa bila ja? bgn tido & bila nk set alarm utk tdo. thats all. and that stupid 28000 maxis hotlink or whatever kept on spamming my text msg with "this week new wallpaper blablabla...." benci nyah. -,-

i know running away is not the best way pun to solve your problems. serious typing from the honest-little-fingers i dont think so that i have any kind of problem with anyone. butttt.... it is just that i have this small tiny little how to call it.. depression maybe? just maybe. hmm. something is drifting away from me. that is why i felt this way. thats all.

that feeling just kept making me sit in my own world and telling not to care about others. not to gain any attention but i just... i dont know WHY?! hurr. gila betui ini orang. maybe sometimes i'll just update my blog. this is the only way for me to at least share what is going on with me. heheh. tdi ckap nk hilang dri social network. yaloh. klau org text aku bkn rply pn. --' dah jdi mls nk ksah. sorry guys.

*now listening to - i love it by icona pop*

happy living peeps! cherio! ^^

nota ringkas : please dont try to find me till i pop out from out of nowhere. thanks.

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  1. sama la dgn aku.. kadang2 rasa jea nal lari p mana2.. haha.. tambah2 kalau ada org yg x paham bahasa asyikk kacau jea.. hehehe