i miss.....

its 3 in the morning. i should be sleeping right now. but yeah. its weekend. by the time i watched some dramas. memories pass by... with 'kiss the rain' song is on track non-stop right now. what i wanna say in this entry is just one important thing. i miss them.

i dont know why. but my tears cant be stop anymore while looking at our pictures hanging out together last 2 semesters. we were so happy. but everything simply changed. i dont think that it will be the same after 'that incident'.

i dont know what 'they' think. or what 'they' felt about it. but i really do feel something missing this time around. and that's why im crying. crying so bad. i just miss them a lot. i want to have that happy talks with them again. being happy with everybody. i dont ever wanna run away from anybody.

i miss them.......


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