how 2012 treat me

well hello again. assalamualaikum. and yeah. as usual if i dont have any holiday, my blog wont be update by me till i meet them. and here we are. i got one week of holiday which is mid sem. it has been only one month since my sem 4 started and i feel like im having my study week now. yeahh. thats what i feel.

and just in a blink of an eye, it is almost the end of 2012. 2 more days. 2 more days. 2012. what can i say? there's so many things happened this year. i've been through too many things. heartbreaks, troubles, sickness, being lied to, fake friends, i slipped, i fall, i cry... you mention it. i've been in all situation except death. and thank to Allah i still have my love ones beside me.

as for my studies, Alhamdulillah im doing quite well. still can maintain my current situation. friends? some of them are showing their true colors. day by day i get to know who is my real friend and who is not. some are getting better and vice versa. its kinda "special" for me this year because i've been hurt by two guys. well, not enough by that, my friends are turning back on me.

life? im enjoying my life since i have to move on even though everything sucks. im in a situation where i need to smile even if my eyes like bursting out of tears. im in a situation where i need to keep everything by myself because some people didnt care about your sad life. im in a situation where i have to pretend that i didnt care even if i really really really do care about that tiny little thing. you just need to be happy to pleased others.

2012. sure a tough year for me. i didnt realize that it is a long journey till i met the end. even 2012 have been harsh for me, there's still plenty of sweet and memorable memories that i wont forget. i wont forget any of it. and if i can turn back the time, i'll go back to all the happy moments that i have. where nobody can say that im sad. and not even a single drop of tears fall down from my face. where i see everyone happy enjoying their life. everyone smiling. and where my smile was the real thing ever.

but its time to wake up. wake up from dreaming and face the reality. in 2 more days i wont be in my teen years anymore. i have to face all the problems that getting worst even by thinking of it makes me sick. what can i hope for 2013? nothing. i just need a fresh new start. happy new year in advance people.

between lies and truth, i can't differentiate them well now.


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