well well well well well. after rushing here and there. pack our stuff. they (UTeM) decided to put us back at the same hostel. -..- wargh. sblm ni. kami kmas suma barang KALAU PINDAH TEMPAT LAIN. and if we still stay there, we will put everything in our locker. ni nk bebel pnjg2 neh. gawsh. ramai bising kot. ehh ehh.

bkn apa. masa final exam. kami suma ni tggu pny lama notis dari kolej kediaman whether to pack our stuff or just leave it there. but then, mggu last kt situ bru depa inform. bapak ahh. sakit hati gila. dgn 3 papers left were the most killer subjects. mmg stress! gegila time tu. wuuu wuuu wuuu. im really typing non-stop.

k. two paragraphs is enough for my unstable-emotion. bye. -,-

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