pantai puteri. melaka. remember how it started? remember where is the place that you've fall for me and i fall for you? remember? i remember it all.

i never realize about this until now. we fall for each other at the same place but at diff time. 23062012. we went out. the three of us. to the beach because we're so bored staying in the hostel doing nothing. i didnt ask you to go out. but my friend did. i was just too afraid. by the time we reached there. me & my friend playing with the water. and you just sit there. playing with your phone. and guess what? you snap my picture non-stop.

i know. but i just pretend that i dont care. you feel weird too right when you kept on snapping my picture non-stop. but i didnt ask either. 30062012. the day that our class held the bbq. still. at the same place. we have so much fun there. at that night. there's nothing left to do. watching our friend walking along the shore. and you asked. "nak jalan2?" and i said "okay."

we talked about so many things. at that time we have a lot of things to share kn? i told you about my past. you shared yours. you promised me one thing that i still hold on to that till today. i felt so happy by that time and without realizing it. i fall for you.

what's so special about you? well yeah. there's no particular answer for that. i just like you for who you are. even by saying that im way too good for you it aint change anything. you thought me well. -never under estimate someone's capability of hurting your feelings- FN ♥


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