why does it always happen not the way we want it to be?
because we are only humans. we planned. but Allah has written something better for us.

why does it always we have heart-ache?
because Allah wants to test us. be patient.

why does it people come and goes in our life?
because Allah let us to borrow for some time. if they stay, its a gift. appreciate it. be grateful.

why does it our fate are different from others?
because if Allah ease your life, Allah wants you to be grateful. not boast to others. if its vice versa, Allah wants you to make an effort and change it to be better.

but stop asking why this and why that. obviously there's a reason for every single thing that happen in our life.  REDHA. hey, im not good at everything either. im still learning to be a better person. im still learning to accept all the test that i face. yeah. its not easy. changing is easy. but to keep on going like that is hard. well nothing is easy. hope we still have time. :')


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