hye all! :D kabare? lama sudah nmpknya kita tidak bersua di laman blogger ini. ahaa! wait up. first of all, assalamualaikum. :)

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! in this post i won't talk much. just wanna share something from youtube that maybe you or you or you can watch it while you are bored and if you have the same interest with me. memadangkan remaja zaman sekarang lebih byk m'habiskan masa di dpn komp atau laptop, so sya nk share lah. jom tengok! :D

first! jabbawockeez~
nak sebut nama pn payah gitu. xla susa mna pn kan. well. sja bt teruk. this is a dance group. this group is totally AMAAAAHHHHZIINNNGGGGG. yeah. can you read what did i wrote just now? emmh. group ni pny trademark is the mask and the robot thingy. smart wehh. serius ckp. skli tgk bole ternganga gua. mula2 tgk group ni a few years ago. abg yg suro tgk. try take a look at their vid. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ihx1BO7_Jvc

letak link ja. rajin2 kan diri pegi tgk snri keh? klau tgk kat blog ni tak best lah sbb got background music. ganggu plak kan? :') next link, the wockeez pny channel. tgk la. ada muka sorg2 behind the mask. :D http://www.youtube.com/user/thewockeez?ob=0 HAVE FUN WATCHING!
and i wanna add some more. *bisik* they won the america's best dance crew. whut? you already know that? hurr. k...... -_-
second channel is misteryguitarman or jp
this guy has two channels. actually he has 3 channels kot. yg 3rd tu mcm show. dia bgi theme week by week then org submit kat dia and dia share kat kita. tak taw sgt psal 3rd channel tu sbb jrg tgk. well, this is his best 2 vids that i totally in loveeeee with.

this guy really have lotsa money kan? gila2 arhh.. his gadgets. his guitars. erghhh.. next AMAAAAHHHHZIINNNGGGGG thing to me. dia ni gila creative. with his teamwork. they really nailed it kan? taw channel ni pn dri kwn, dia post psal the first vid tu. yg guna iphone tu kan. trus jato cinta ngn his artwork. and ohh yea. dia pny channel.

pegi la jenguk channel dia. got lots of other cool stuff there. :D

tak nak tgk omputeh pny vid? okayy.. kita promote malaysian pny vlogger keh?
make some noise tooooooooo..... *bunyi drum*

woooohoooo!!! promote 3 tu ja lah. hihi. byk sggh link di post ku kali ini. well people. have fun watching. baboiiiii~


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