aloo tomey tomey.

halao semua tan sri puan sri datuk datin nenek. --'

assalamualaikum! ihik! ahak! ehek! walao. gedik. HAHA. ok. first of all. tjuk entri tidak lah ada kena mngena ngn entri kli ni. serius ckp TAK DA KENA MENGENA LANGSUNG. "abes tuww knpew ltakz tjuk mcm ituww?" "ahak! sukati itewww laaaaa..." haha. well. honestly, i dunno what to write for this entry. hihi. saja gedik nk update jgak sbnrnya.

can i talk about myself? can i? CAN I? HAH? :) "time tacehhh.." --' ehh. gedik la awak neh. FYI, perempuan mmg dilahirkan dgn sifat gedik semulajadi. cuma beza dia byk atau sikit ja. :) since i insist to update my blog without any idea to make an entry, well then i will just talk about myself okay?

basic info
name : nur hafisyahmi bt abdul manaf.
nicknames : miemi (friends from form 1 to form 5), fisya (UTeM friends), ami (family)
place of birth : grik, perak. lived there for 5 years.
place that i was raised : penang. lived there for 12 years.
hometown : kedah
spending my last TEEN-years this year.
study at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). taking Electronic Engineering. entering year II this jun.

rabun jauh. wear spectacles. tak tggi. cuma krg tggi. (isn't it just the same?) agak kecik jika dibandingkan dgn org lagi besar. mmg la kan.. ergh. sng cita, standard size girls kat malaysia ni lah. black eyes. fully malay looks.

first impression of what strangers think of me.
berlagak. sombong. nerdy. nampak baik (because i wear spectacles).

what i really am.
suka cakap. cakap. dan cakap. TAPI. bila mai mood tak tentu, diam tanpa sepatah kata. sya tdaklah sombong dan tidaklah baik spt yg disgka. that's why there's phrase "don't judge a book by its cover." then please don't judge me by my spectacles. --' i am me. who don't know how to start a conversation. but sometimes, when it started, it can't be stop. sensitive. yea. my sensitiveness still can be control. but sometimes it can't. ada org kata "org yg suka kucing ni sensitif orgnya." i guess that's true. lastly, i not super-genius-einstein. but i do have a brain that can work well enough. (alhamdulillah)

what i love.
i love maths. omg. really fall in love with it. love baking. ohh ohh yeah! lagi satu. suka gilaaaa laki yg ada janggut. love to smile. and wear specs. hihi. cute kan? love a simple and neat guy. i'm more to riding a bikes rather than driving a car. love simple but creative things. love blueberry cheese cake.  love colors that can mix with other colors well. 

do i have any other things to say about myself? HAHA. yeah! a lot. but lets just stop here. know me in real life than you'll know me better. :) well see ya till next post then! :D olla!


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