lelaki dan maskulin.

assalamualaikum. :)

"hg nak cita pa neh? nak kutuk laki pa? haaaaa..." wehh. chill lah. tak pn. hihi. sbnarnya, terlintas kat otak nk bt entri psal maskulin guy sbb tgk cita korea byk sgt. ahak! *gaya maria elena in make-up tutorial* yaa. to tell the truth, sya tak lah gila korea. i am NOT a big fan of k-pop thingy. BUT! i still enjoy watching korean dramas. best. mmg time kat hostel tak layan sgt. takut nnt melekat & tak kn stdy. (bjet stdy ja klau tak tgk korea) ehh ehh. at least i study a bit. a bit lah. hihi. walao! melalut pnjg bhaii. sorry~ (╥﹏╥)

ok. while watching the korean drama, sya terfikir. why are the korean guy looks sooooo.. erm.. you know. they have that innocent face. very suci face kan. adakah anda tahu ap maksud maskulin? apkh mksd maskulin pda anda? haaaa... what did you all think?

as for me, lelaki maskulin ni dia jga penampilan dia LEBIH dri lelaki2 yg lain. they take care of their face. their body. their appearance and all kind of thg lah. and don't be surprised if i said that there are guys that go to mani & pedi too! (manicure & pedicure) sya pena tgk 1 cita kat tv. dah lma da bnd tu. time sek men lgi. dia ada cita psal lelaki maskulin. and FYI, lelaki maskulin ni bkn semua nya lelaki lembut. no no no. na'ah. maybe some of them, but NOT ALL OF THEM.

this maskulin type, they really take care of everything. kdg2 kalah prmpuan ouw! they wash their face, their hair. make sure everything looks good and perfecto! adkh dgn pkai pkaian ketat itu maskulin? hihi. bgi sya, TAK! unless they have a very nice body shape. auww auww. mcm spa? :p mcm ni.

HAHA. bdn dia kan berketak2. got that ketul2 thg kat lgn. HAHA. -..- whatever it is. im not his fan too. saja bgi contoh. look. he has that suci face kan? dia lah contoh lelaki maskulin. actly, sya respect guys yg maskulin ni. sbb dia jaga penampilan dia dgn teratur. like come on! sapa tak suka laki yg pndai jga penampilan kan?

so guys out there, start to take care of your appearance. even though, there's a quote saying "don't judge a  book by its cover". but still. it doesn't mean that you have to ignore about your appearance and personality. and i'm reminding this not only to guys. but also to all girls out there. last but not least people, "beauty gets the attention, personality gets the heart" - afifah.tumblr



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