study week


whoa whoa. chill. who say the holiday has started? HAHA. in your dream! study week just started. demm you! next week is FINALLLLL!!! well. since final is around the corner.

did you think that my desk is like this?

or i stay late at night until it became like this?

OR. my whole week will be haunted by books?

HELL NO LAH! HAHA. this is what actually happen to me. and guess what? its happening now?

the diff is just i didnt use that apple thingy and thats obviously not me.

ehem. ehem. eceh. btuk plak. hurm. when am i going to change? ARGH! ok ok. im on my way. lets stdy! :) and to those that will have their final this month. all the best to all of yah! sem II is almost OVER! muihihi.


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