its emo-ish time

i dont know what have got into me. demm. imissyou. i just cant deny it anymore. yes im smiling. going through my life without you is so hard. can i just pretend that you are with me now? NO. yeah. i know. but whatever it is, good to know that you still care about me. eventho im not sure if you are honest or just pretend to be. i know that i have to move on. i have made my promise. "i will love him until he become someone husband." what a stupid promise or false hope to be precise. dah taw lagi nk saketkan hati snri. seriously. at first, it gets really hard for me to forgive him after what i have been trough. what i have sacrifice. my tears. people might say "he's not worth fighting for" yeah. you are not in my shoe. please do step into my shoe and have the feeling that i have. you'll know my dilemma. but then. i learn to forgive him. yeah. its hurt seeing him with other girl. i know she is wayyyyy prettier than me. but that's not the point. maybe she know how to treat him better than i do. even if he is not with that girl, im still happy seeing him happy. i just miss him. i miss his fragrance. i miss the way he looked at me. i miss having him text me every night and days. i miss his voice. i miss hearing his laugh. i miss his smile. but what i miss the most is. i miss when he says "i miss you". i know it is impossible for me to get him back. i just can wish the best for him. now and forever. :')

#np if this was a movie by taylor swift. be strong fisya. be strong. *sorry for the long post*


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