bye 2011 hye 2012

hye 2011. thanks for spending 365 days with me. it have been a great year for me. how fast the time passed by. im almost 19! :D 2011. the year that have thought me a lot of things. not like other years. i spent time with school. teachers. 2011. i spent most of my time with university. class. lectures. and others. a lot of joy and sorrow. people make u cry. people make u smile.

i’ve learnt how to forgive and forget. people often do mistakes. u can’t expect them to be perfect. i’ve learnt not to trust strangers. i’ve learnt to be independent. i’ve learnt not to be selfish and think about others. i’ve learnt to accept the fact. but the most important thing is, i’ve learnt how to be strong and have the faith in me.

it has been a year since I left my school years. 9 months since my plkn ends. and now, here i am. struggle all i can to get my diploma. :’) im almost 19. Gawsh! i still remember when i was 13. entering secondary school was quite frightening. but then i learn and learn. till at the age of 16. i entered technical school. Starts from there, i learnt to be strong and ignore what people say about u.

HEY! life is all about learning. learn to know urself better than others. so, hope 2012 will be another ohsem year to all of us. Amin. :)



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