ciptaanNYA :)

just now i went to QB mall alone bcause i hav that sindrome. *actly i met syaiza fer a while. yeahh. BORING SINDROME. wahh.. wht a nice name dear sindrome. i hav this sindrome since i arrived penang last 2weeks. ngeehee~ plusplus with the rain. really dun hav anythg to do at home. sit on the couch, online, whatching tv. hey! wht else can i do. -_- yeahh. damn boring actly. oke. back to the topic UP der.

i want to stay at QB a bit longer. but my fren told me that its gonna rain. its really dark out der. fuhh. once i get out from QB. its RAININGGGG!!! -_-" nvm. on the way back from QB, i used the highway *no traffic lights. then my eyes were attracted to see the cloud. OUHH. i saw the RAINBOW. :) i smiled. hee~ it hav been quite a long time since the last time i saw the rainbow. last year mayb.
snapped by cik owner

nice isn't it? one of the GOD's creation. hey. the rainbow makes me smile... for the first time. :)


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