gud monink yaww! :D

cik owner asa dis is the first post yg plg awl kan?
ahaha. awal beno haaa..
hey all! cik owner is watching oprah show rite now.
fuhh! amazinggg. wht else can cik owner say?
the set is crazy! haha. hey! hey! look at this.

i love the chandelier the most guys! the only word crossing my mind. AMAZINGGG!!!
how detail they do their work. hey. read this oke.
the set were constructed with more than 15000 pieces of 52 kinds of chocolates!
how cool is dat huh? DAMN COOOOOOLLLLLLLL!! XD
they took 1400 hours to complete the whole set. fuhhh. i cant imagine for more.
ahaha. im watching it now and and my face is like this. OoO
buruk kan? XD whtever it is. oprah set is totally crazeyyyy!
oke lah. cik owner nk smbg tgk oprah show.


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